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    Japanese hip-hop may not be big on rhymes but anyone who tells you it doesn't flow hasn't heard Tha Blue Herb, a smooth but intense rapper from Hokkaido.

    Under a sky that was alternatively threatening and scorching, the young MC kept up a fast but never frantic stream of words on various subjects ranging from music business venality to self-actualization to the problematic image of the Japanese in the coming millennium and, naturally, what's it's like to grow up in Sapporo. He also put in a word or two for tha blue (?) herb itself. ("Run THC," he called it.)

    The crowd was mesemerized, and though the simple, infectious dubs grooves certainly had something to do with it, it was mostly the guy's concentratation. Pitching his raps for ultimate release, he was sure that the content matched the musical intensity, and with every epiphany the crowd would explode with cheers of acknowledgment.

    Reported by phil  (2000,7.29 / 15:14)

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