Up and Running

Things are away and running at FRF 2006. The unofficial start to this year’s festivities took place last night. Oasis and Red Marquee were opened to the general public for a huge party. There was hanabi (japanese for fireworks), girls dressed up in yukatas, an eating contest, several free concerts, and a whole lot of people looking to have a great time. The vibe in the two areas was absolutely amazing. Everyone was eating, drinking, and befriending one another.

Flogging Molly was the first act to play in Red Marquee and the crowd went completely ape shit for them. The entire audience was jumping and dancing to the band’s celtic-influenced punk anthems. There was so much positivie energy radiating from everyone that it was impossible not to enjoy yourself. There were huge circle pits with people just dancing around in circles and hugging as opposed to pushing each other. People would grab you as you walked by and pull you into their jumping group or pour some mysterious, but often tasty, liquid down your throat and give you a high-five. It was definitely a surreal moment. Here’s a picture of Dom, one of the writers from this year’s English Fujirockers.org team, after being embraced by a group of random Japanese people.

The energy level remained high during performances by Shonen Knife (who are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year making them a great addition to FRF’s 10th anniversary celebration), The Firetusk Painproof Circus, and The Cooper Temple Clause. Painproof Circus were especially impressive with the female half of the duo putting 5 needles through each of her arms, lighting them on fire, and then proceeding to sing happy birthday to Fuji Rock before a spectator was brought on stage to “blow out the candles.”

Afterwards everyone just hung around and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings until the site closed at 1 am. Definitely a cool start to things, if the rest of the weekend is anything like last night everyone is in for many fantastic experiences.

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