Warm Steel
(2007.08.04 / 02:39:56 /FIELD OF HEAVEN)

Hot Shots
(2007.08.04 / 02:09:28 /POW)

On the Ropes
(2007.08.04 / 01:22:11 /POW)

Off the top of my head
(2007.08.04 / 00:13:47 /OTHER)

Feel Childish
(2007.08.04 / 00:00:00 /OTHER)

Mile-High Club
(2007.08.03 / 23:46:02 /WHITE STAGE)

The Chemical Brothers
(2007.08.03 / 15:05:21 /GREEN STAGE)

(2007.08.03 / 10:53:12 /RED MARQUEE)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
(2007.08.03 / 10:48:04 /RED MARQUEE)

The Beastie Boys
(2007.08.03 / 00:44:55 /GREEN STAGE)

Soul Flower Union
(2007.08.02 / 23:40:43 /FIELD OF HEAVEN)

Infernal Varanne's Globe of Death
(2007.08.02 / 21:38:45 /POW)

(2007.08.02 / 10:37:14 /POW)

Seti And Futaba With Tabla Kwaiesa?
(2007.08.02 / 09:43:26 /OASIS AREA)

Peter, Bjorn and John
(2007.08.01 / 21:48:46 /RED MARQUEE)

Seti And Futaba With Tabla Kwaiesa?

A Belly Dancer, A Snake Charmer

The cool thing about the Gan-Ban stage in Oasis was that you never knew what was going down at any given time. With no posted schedule (that I could see at least) the smorgasbord of DJs and performers all weekend were a welcome surprise to all who happened to pass by.

On Saturday and Sunday night at 11 p.m. a pair of belly dancers named Seti and Futaba shimmied to music provided by a special incarnation of Tokyo’s Tabla Kwaiesa. The only regular member of the amazing percussion group present, drummer Shinshi, nicknamed the make-shift act “Tabla Kwaiesa?” while chatting with me after playing. Joining Shinshi were a violinist, guitarist, didgeridoo player, and another darbuka player who also played an Egyptian hand drum at one point. The addition of the non-percussive instruments gave the band’s brand of Middle Eastern pop a more eclectic, worldly feel. Looking to further expand their instrumental numbers, Shinshi even stepped to the mic to drop the chorus from Kardinall Offishall’s “Belly Dancer” while Seti and Futaba did their thing. Practitioners of the tribal style of the dance, the ladies tantalized the small, but receptive crowd with their slow, seductive movements and even made their way off stage at one point to give spectators an even more up close and personal experience.

Here’s a shot of the boys from Tabla Kwaiesa? relaxing after their set.

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