Warm Steel
(2007.08.04 / 02:39:56 /FIELD OF HEAVEN)

Hot Shots
(2007.08.04 / 02:09:28 /POW)

On the Ropes
(2007.08.04 / 01:22:11 /POW)

Off the top of my head
(2007.08.04 / 00:13:47 /OTHER)

Feel Childish
(2007.08.04 / 00:00:00 /OTHER)

Mile-High Club
(2007.08.03 / 23:46:02 /WHITE STAGE)

The Chemical Brothers
(2007.08.03 / 15:05:21 /GREEN STAGE)

(2007.08.03 / 10:53:12 /RED MARQUEE)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
(2007.08.03 / 10:48:04 /RED MARQUEE)

The Beastie Boys
(2007.08.03 / 00:44:55 /GREEN STAGE)

Soul Flower Union
(2007.08.02 / 23:40:43 /FIELD OF HEAVEN)

Infernal Varanne's Globe of Death
(2007.08.02 / 21:38:45 /POW)

(2007.08.02 / 10:37:14 /POW)

Seti And Futaba With Tabla Kwaiesa?
(2007.08.02 / 09:43:26 /OASIS AREA)

Peter, Bjorn and John
(2007.08.01 / 21:48:46 /RED MARQUEE)


And All The Girlies Say I'm Pretty Fly ...

While Snoop’s “representing for them gangstas all across the world,” Nikujaga are acting more locally by representing for them gaikokujin bands across Japan. The only foreign artists on this year’s Rookie A Go-Go stage in the Palace Of Wonder, the group of Gunma-based expats did their best to bridge cultures by providing poppy post-punk for a respectably sized crowd of all nationalities to bop along to. They attempted to diversify their fan base even more by throwing the “Niku Bot” (someone wearing a cardboard box robot costume) into the mix to dance with everyone.

Rocking Interpol-ish shirts and ties while performing, at one point their drummer proclaimed that they were “the best gaijin band” before pausing briefly and adding with a grin “in Fuji Rock.” Think many (myself included) would question that, but big props to Nikujaga for rising to the top of the indie ranks and snagging a spot on Rookie A Go-Go.

Reported by shawn (2007.08.02 / 10:37)