Warm Steel
(2007.08.04 / 02:39:56 /FIELD OF HEAVEN)

Hot Shots
(2007.08.04 / 02:09:28 /POW)

On the Ropes
(2007.08.04 / 01:22:11 /POW)

Off the top of my head
(2007.08.04 / 00:13:47 /OTHER)

Feel Childish
(2007.08.04 / 00:00:00 /OTHER)

Mile-High Club
(2007.08.03 / 23:46:02 /WHITE STAGE)

The Chemical Brothers
(2007.08.03 / 15:05:21 /GREEN STAGE)

(2007.08.03 / 10:53:12 /RED MARQUEE)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
(2007.08.03 / 10:48:04 /RED MARQUEE)

The Beastie Boys
(2007.08.03 / 00:44:55 /GREEN STAGE)

Soul Flower Union
(2007.08.02 / 23:40:43 /FIELD OF HEAVEN)

Infernal Varanne's Globe of Death
(2007.08.02 / 21:38:45 /POW)

(2007.08.02 / 10:37:14 /POW)

Seti And Futaba With Tabla Kwaiesa?
(2007.08.02 / 09:43:26 /OASIS AREA)

Peter, Bjorn and John
(2007.08.01 / 21:48:46 /RED MARQUEE)

The Chemical Brothers

Grooving room only!

Being a Fujirocker can have it's advantages. We have access to the road behind the Green stage, and soon after the Chemical Brothers started I ducked backstage from the White stage after watching the Voordoms, and hitched a ride with Jeff to the Red Marquee, stage left of the Green where teh headline action was underway,thus missing the crowds on the walkway. This gives a great view of the Green Stage audience from the front. As we passed, it appeared that The Chems had filled it to capacity. While crowds at both the Cure and the B-boys had some room to manoeuver, it was grooving room only here, and barely that! No wonder too, with Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons managing to stay at the cusp of electronica for well over a decade now, a genre that sees most submerge never to be seen again after a single hit. The five time FujiRock veretans had pulled it off, and on the Sunday night too. Some were heard commenting earlier that the crowd wouldn't want to be taken up again on the sunday night, only to have to find their way down again, and on home from there. Nope, get me right back up there!

Their show is like a machine. Graphics that are spectacular in their depth washed across the screens and the background, though I heard one FRF staffer complain that he'd seen them before. Timed in with the tracks they are playing, they sync well with the music. I would have liked to see a little more movement from them on stage. I recall Fatboy Slim of a few years past bouncing across the stage during mixing duties. In fact his booth was set to a corner to allow him to do just that. Not so Chemical Tom & Chemical Ed, all business up there on stage, their booth set central and them highlit by the display on the rear wall.

The hits flowed throughout the set, and why wouldn't they. So many over the years it's hard to count. Oftentimes their biggest tracks snuck up on you without you knowing, then belted you over the back of the head proclaiming "Here I am!!" Brilliant! I had a moment when I'm sure they mixed in the Cure's Friday I'm In Love, but FRFer Jeff insisted that it was The Strokes' Last Night. Whether a homage to Friday night's great headliner or not, it was brilliant. These guys could do no wrong with their crowd. There's not many DJs can keep a crowd of 60 odd thousand entertained for two hours, but here's a duo that can!

My night ended well after the Chem's set did though, as did theirs. I believe it was around the wee small hours of the morning that Ed & Tom were spotted in the casino tent of the Palace of Wonder. A whisper went around the room. I turned and clocked their presence. A perfect opportunity to prove Jeff wrong on that sample, thought I. But I had a prime spot at the roulette table, and they were on the other end of the table. Too far to casually pretend I'm cool. Well I'm not making myself the pissed idiot I usually do. Oh, there goes that ball, I have 20,000 riding here... yes... yes... YES... YESSSS.... YE-... Damn. Now where did they go? Must have spotted my eyes bulging at the prospect of a win and hoofed it. Those brothers certainly worked it out. A good judge of character, those two!

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