Warm Steel
(2007.08.04 / 02:39:56 /FIELD OF HEAVEN)

Hot Shots
(2007.08.04 / 02:09:28 /POW)

On the Ropes
(2007.08.04 / 01:22:11 /POW)

Off the top of my head
(2007.08.04 / 00:13:47 /OTHER)

Feel Childish
(2007.08.04 / 00:00:00 /OTHER)

Mile-High Club
(2007.08.03 / 23:46:02 /WHITE STAGE)

The Chemical Brothers
(2007.08.03 / 15:05:21 /GREEN STAGE)

(2007.08.03 / 10:53:12 /RED MARQUEE)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
(2007.08.03 / 10:48:04 /RED MARQUEE)

The Beastie Boys
(2007.08.03 / 00:44:55 /GREEN STAGE)

Soul Flower Union
(2007.08.02 / 23:40:43 /FIELD OF HEAVEN)

Infernal Varanne's Globe of Death
(2007.08.02 / 21:38:45 /POW)

(2007.08.02 / 10:37:14 /POW)

Seti And Futaba With Tabla Kwaiesa?
(2007.08.02 / 09:43:26 /OASIS AREA)

Peter, Bjorn and John
(2007.08.01 / 21:48:46 /RED MARQUEE)

Hot Shots

Little Fats and company swing down Tin Pan Alley

Nostalgia acts are usually assigned daytime gigs at Fujirock, but the Palace's scheduling of Little Fats and the Swingin' Hotshot Party a late-nite spot at the final party was a brilliant move.

I've seen these guys at in a small club setting before, and watching them here at Crystal Palace proved you don't need a lightshow or walls of sound to rock the party. Fats and crew are showmen to the core (they had these costumes specially made for this performance). The play and speak in the ecstatically jittery style of 1920's film footage with Fats announcing each new song with the speed of an auctioneer.

Granted, they should have been louder, but the crowd went nuts anyway, hopping, hooting and hollering to each standard they slapped out of their retro instruments (banjo and washboard, anyone?). These pics just don't do them justice, so I've posted some video on http://blog.hyptyo.com, or just look them up on Youtube. The Palace has always been a circus, so topping off a fabulous weekend with these clowns proved a master stroke for the Palace of Wonder crew.

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