The Chemical Brothers2007.08.03 / 15:05:21 /GREEN STAGE

Grooving room only!

The Beastie Boys2007.08.03 / 00:44:55 /GREEN STAGE

know when to let the beat

Toyko Ska Paradise Orchestra2007.08.01 / 20:28:30 /GREEN STAGE

Big, Big Band Ska

The Cure...2007.07.31 / 23:28:56 /GREEN STAGE

...for putting your kids to sleep!

What's That Smell?2007.07.29 / 23:56:16 /GREEN STAGE

Put a bottle on it!2007.07.29 / 20:30:38 /GREEN STAGE

PET bottle recycling at FujiRock

Joss Stone2007.07.29 / 19:36:02 /GREEN STAGE

Bringing Rhythm and Blues back to R&B

Happy Mondays2007.07.29 / 19:04:14 /GREEN STAGE

Sunshine and Rain

Fermin Muguruza2007.07.29 / 17:20:14 /GREEN STAGE

A Revolution You Can Dance To

Beastie Boys2007.07.29 / 16:52:59 /GREEN STAGE

Style classe j'ai dit

Mika2007.07.29 / 15:53:25 /GREEN STAGE

OMG! People are like, freaking out!

Kaiser Chiefs2007.07.29 / 15:34:47 /GREEN STAGE

Next year's headliners

This machine kills hangovers2007.07.29 / 12:14:01 /GREEN STAGE

-Soil & Pimp wail, literally

Iggy and the Stooges2007.07.28 / 22:50:12 /GREEN STAGE

Rocking on down

Motion City Soundtrack2007.07.28 / 22:10:41 /GREEN STAGE

The morning score