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Sheena & The Rokkets
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Sheena & The Rokkets
シーナ&ザ・ロケッツ LIVE 9207"

previous DVD

"ライブ帝国 Sheena & The Rokkets" (国内盤)

"Sheena & The Rokkets" (国内盤)

"Love Live" (国内盤)


"'60sロック自伝 (単行本)quot;

previous books

"200CDロックンロール" (単行本)

"DOS/Vブルース" (単行本 / 文庫本)

"Mono" (単行本)

"ローリング・ストーンズが大好きな僕たち" (単行本)

previous works

Sheena & The Rokkets
"The Greatest Sheena & The Rokkets"
(国内盤 / 国内盤 - Limited Edition)

"キングスネーク・ハイウェイ 鮎川誠 Early Works 1975-1979" (国内盤)

"Rokket Factory~the worst and rarities of Sheena&The Rokkets in Alfa years~" (国内盤)

"DREAM BOX" (国内盤 - Limited Edition)

"Rock'n Roll Heart" (国内盤)

"Rock'n Roll Heart 2" (国内盤)

"Buk-On Mix〜19LIVES〜" (国内盤 - Limited Edition)

"Rock The Rock" (国内盤)

"Sheena&The Rokkets U.S.A." (国内盤)

"@heart" (国内盤)

"Rock On Baby" (国内盤)

"Lemon Sex, Lemon Tea, Lemon Rock" (FR import)

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Hard Drug" (not available)

"Dream & revolt" (国内盤)

"Happy House" (国内盤)

"#9" (国内盤)

"Captain Guitar and Baby Rock" (国内盤)

"Gathered" (国内盤)

"Main Songs" (国内盤)

"New Hippies" (国内盤)

"Pin-up baby blues" (国内盤)

"Channel Good" (国内盤)

"Synkuu pack" (国内盤)

"Sheena&The Rokkets#1" (国内盤)

... and more

compilation and more

"ACE CAFE LONDON[Compilation]" (国内盤)

"RESPECT THE STONES 2[Compilation]" (国内盤)

"ELECTROKKETS[Compilation]" (国内盤)

"ぶるうすを聴け! [Compilation]" (国内盤)

"NUDE:NUMANOID MIX CD[Compilation]" (国内盤)

"イエローマジック歌謡曲[Compilation]" (国内盤)

"RESPECT THE STONES [Compilation]" (国内盤 / iTunes)

"DISCO GLOBAL CUTS JPN to Worldwide [Compilation]" (国内盤)

"SAKURA MOTOWN REVUE [Compilation]" (国内盤)

... and more

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