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How 2 survive & Have fun !

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  • 着々と設営準備が進む会場の様子 3
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  • High tension fills the misty mountains up here at the foot of Mt.Fuji,
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  • 天候はいっこうに良くなる気配を見せない
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    Preparation of the Festival [1997.7.23]

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    I arrived at the Fuji Festival Arena on the 23rd July at about 2:30pm. It was drizzling, and I had fears of it turning into a rainy disaster due to the typhoon. Apparently I needn't have bothered about that much. What was pretty uncalculated by me was that I was about 500m up at the foot of Mt.Fuji and it was bloody freezing! At this height the sun is very powerful and with very little protection from the harmful ultra voilet rays I felt my skin shrivelling up, but at the same time whenever a cloud came along, it was back to freezing point! Yesterday evening was especially cold during the night, due to previous rainfall during the daytime. When I first arrived, I was wearing a T-shirt, but soon found myself coving up with a jacket. So, just a word of warning to those of you who catch this message-bring something warm to wear in the evenings!

    Enthusiasm! I encountered that one on my here too, kids were setting up tents at the side of the road! All I could say was WOW! Young and brave, or just crazy!? When the gate opened, the first group of kids fought for the best spot in front of the Main Stage, reminding me of a store sale panic! Kids sat in gangways for 48 hours, causing transportation problems. "Enthusiasm is appreciated, but lets have some order kids, after all this is not a Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival! "

    The place is still under construction, with tents being set up here, there, and everywhere. I haven't got a clue yet of what is going to be what!? While everything is still being put together, SMASH has been allocated space in the press room on the 1st floor, and wasted no time in setting up two 8500 Macs and a powerbook. From here we are constantly reporting as fast as we can, each stage of the event.

    Tomorrow the telephone lines will all be connected, giving us more access to Net. We are establishing a corner with one computer for staff and musicians to upload messages and comments to SMASH's Graffiti Board. There will also be two computers provided for fans bearing red ribbons, to upload their comments on the festival too. We hope you'll have fun!

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    1997.7.23 Reported by hana / Translation by follini


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