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  • High tension fills the misty mountains up here at the foot of Mt.Fuji,
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    High tension fills the misty mountains up here at the foot of Mt.Fuji, [1997.7.26/19:00]


    High tension fills the misty mountains up here at the foot of Mt.Fuji, the rain just keeps pounding the fans, but no one is about to give up just yet. I took a peek over at the 2nd Stage area were Girls Against Boys, Bordoms, The Mad Capsule Markets, Atari Teenage Riot and others were pounding it out in front of drenched and crazed fans. There is an electricity in the air that is forming a unexplainable chain reaction throughout the crowd. Fans were being rolled over the top of others, and one by one were thrown to the front of stage area.

    The rain just keeps coming down, and the pogo dancing crowd are literally steamin' out here! The bands are also lappin' up the enthusiasm, there is an atmosphere of true togetherness.


    The whole event is dependent on the change in weather, and I can't help but be reminded of Glastenbury, England, were a similar event took place not quite long ago. Check out that page through our Glastonbury link if you haven't already seen it.

    I observed some pretty interesting fashion here today too, take a look for yourselves! Simple improvision really!? Love your hat mate!

    Just a few steps up the slope from the rear of the crowd I.W.Harper was helping to warm up the atmosphere with a dram or two at everyone's service. Not free of course! "Just a second I need warming up too!"...........

    Another check on the typhoon has enlightened us all here, it seems to be on it's last legs, fizzling out by the second, as Girls Against Boys beats it out in the rain.

    There is still plenty of stuff to come after Girls Against Boys, and I,ll be sliding on my arse end back to the main stage to get some shots of Rage Against The Machine, and The Yellow Monkey.......if I can fight my way through this murderous rain and thousands of drenched fans.

    1997.7.26 Reported by follini


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