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  • High tension fills the misty mountains up here at the foot of Mt.Fuji,
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    Preparation of the Festival - 2 [1997.7.24]

    photo photo
    photo photo

    Today is the 24th, all staff have been working full out since 8:00am to get things organised. There is a lot of tension in the air, It looks like everyone will be working around the clock to get things finished

    photo The weather over the area is unpredictable at the moment, the sun is scorching down with the occasional cloud giving some minimal protection, but overall there is a feastive feeling in the air. In saying that, through the window, the heat for the staff is becoming a little too much. Almost everyone has a towel wrapped around their neck to soak up the sweat. Their only major concern really, at this point in time, is the path route of the oncoming typhoon!

    photo The lighting equipment for the Main Stage is being set up at this moment, and alongside the stage scores of speakers have been arranged. Next will be the difficult job for the sound engineers to piece everything together, under the blinding heat of today's summer sun.

    photo All the way to the stage front, beautiful green green grass! I looked down at my bare feet and felt the grass, moistened by the morning dew, through my toes, the wonder of nature. Life couldn't get any better. But, hey! not so easy, work! work! awaits. This morning the grass was saturated with mildew, and the sun reflected from the moistened blades of grass, so I took a walk from the stage up the mountain slope........................Wheeze! wheeze! "Must be due to old age?" Camping out is all quite fine, but

    photo photo

    It's a really cool view from the top of the hill looking down at the stage, although I can't really say much about the sound at this point in time, but I guess anything would sound increadible from up here. And. if the typhoon keeps away, who knows, maybe I can get some sunbathing done too!

    photo photo

    Garbage! Garbage! It's always a problem, but the appropriate waste bags have been provided and you all know what to do! The non-combustibles must go into the non-combustibles garbage bags, the combustibles into the combustible bags and the re-cycle pet bottles into the correct bags too. As for cigarette ends, one of the biggest problems, there have been drum cans provided for you too, so lets have everything in the right place! As you will see, there is a beautiful green stretch of grass at your feet, so lets keep it that way, green!

    photo photo

    photo photo


    1997.7.24 Reported by hana / Translation by follini


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