FRF '99 White Stage

Loddy Dotty, Free John Gotti [1999.8.1 17:25]

Ever seen heavy metal played a la B.B. King? Ever imagined what Barry White would sound like singing a protest song about freeing mafia kingpin John Gotti? Heard any groovy country & western tunes done in a dub stylee lately?

Then you obviously have never seen Fun Lovin' Criminals in the flesh.

Probably the freshest stuff I've heard at the fest yet, this smart-alecky 3-piece played for a select audience of maybe 400. All the better since you needed really move your arse around to enjoy this New York mix of jazz, soul, hip hop and, yes, metal.

I mean how are you supposed to take a grinning man playing bone-crunching licks on a hollow-bodied guitar, hair slicked back and dressed to the nines (white suit, ascot and cuff links)? A poker-faced funky drummer in a Panama hat and an keyboardist who probably moonlights as a hit man? Well, try putting a smile on your face first.

Every turn on this whirlwind ride through genres and attitudes was unexpected. Guess that explains why it was so damn fun, and funny. If FLC frontman Huey, who could easily pass for G. Love's soul brother, ever decides to throw in the towel, he should definitely try doing Vegas.

And I mean that in a good way. You don't run into velvet wit like his everyday.

''It was a privilege to play for you,'' Huey said after their unfortunately short set. The respect was definitely mutual.

1999.8.1 Reported by mark

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