FRF '99 Green Stage

The ocean meets the mountain [1999.8.1 17:55]

Last year's great Brit hope for great Brit rock, Ocean Colour Scene may have struggled for years to win over their own countrymen to their cause, but in ever-nostalgic Japan they are a shoe-in. The band's mixture of emotional, slightly psychedelic ballads and early 70s pop-rock touchstones have endeared them to the younger Japanese crowd who look on the mods the way Americans look at the great mid-century blues singers, namely as the source of everything that came after. Playing an hour later than scheduled, OCS managed to come on as the cool of the afternoon set in and the sun's punishing rays dropped behind the Green Stage. Compared to the crowds on Saturday, this group was smaller, less intense, but visibly loyal to their mates (the girls seemed particularly taken with bassist Darnon Minchella, and the feeling was mutual). Lead singer Steve Cradock, dressed all in black, was almost too perfect for an audience that thought the century ended when the Sex Pistols got signed to EMI. Looking uncannily like Elton John circa 1972 and sounding cannily like Roger Daltrey, Cradock left his muddy footprints all over the studied emotional territory that the 70s were famous for. In addition to previewing their new single, "Profit and Peace" ("Prophet and Peace"?), whose centerpiece lyric is "Don't want to fight no more," they finished the afternoon with "Day Tripper," which set feet a-dancing and eyebrows a-raising. Wasn't that a 60s songs?

1999.8.1 Reported by Phil

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