FRF '99 Field Of Heaven

Rory Mcleod FRF '99 [1999.8.1 18:10]

Had a few beers with Rory at the most famous eat out
at FRF, the Queen Sheba. Rory a Brit like myself finds
Japan somewhat like a field of dreams....

He's enjoying every minute, and doesn't mind if there
are only 2-3 fans out there to sing to. I found him to
be a deep and inspiring poet, with an amazing talent to
entertain with the least of backup.@Not to say that his
backup today was the least, the charming young Aimee
Leonard from the Aukney Islands. She accompanied Rory on the Boran, and has whicked rythm.

Rory has been to about every country I can think of, and
now in Japan, played a new lineup with songs like "Where Will I Sleep Tonight", Baksheesh Dance,"Indian Matea" and finished off with "Spring Returning."
Rory has plans to head off to Canada with his partner
Aimee Leonard, to perform at the Vancouver Music Festival, and later at Calvery.

Rory also has his own home page too, so check him out at...........

Rory will also be playing live at the Blue Nile in Tokyo, 3.8.99 from
7:00pm onwards, for further details call 03-3495-1335.

1999.8.1 Reported by follini

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