FRF '99 White Stage

Scratch Yourself! [1999.8.1 19:00]

Jah! Scratch Yourself everywhere! Smile, and enjoy life with Lee "Scratch" Perry. The sun starts to go down, and the vibe gets cooler and happier every moment. The mystical magical man from beyond spreads happiness through music (JAH!) Rah-sta-faaaaaaaarai style. The reggae/dub bass was thumpin, and body parts were moving through the land of happiness.

Perry's band, The Robotics, show that they feel the music deep down. They share it with the audience-swaying...sometimes laughing...smiling and generally by just having a good time.

The show was full of Perry's distinctive fashion sense, pacing, and preaching of profound wisdom and odd thoughts...but when he jumps...people lose it.

Jah! The Raaahstaaaah King has spread his message.

1999.8.1 Reported by Scott

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