FRF '99 Green Stage

BB [1999.8.1 19:03]

Thank heavens for Bernard Butler! Not just because he graciously volunteered to fill in the empty slot formerly occupied by Ms. Courtney Love, who had to cancel due to movie obligations (ha!); but because if Butler hadn't shown up, the festival would not have had that most emblematic figure of classic rock: the skinny guitar god. And of course that full head of long hair looks just fab when he goes into one of his deliciously tortured solos and starts whipping it around like a dust mop. The girls absolutely go gaga, which is why the former Suede axeman is a certified star here, guaranteeing sold out shows whenever he appears. Not today, of course. In fact, most of the crowd that had come for the entire weekend had already started leaving, probably to make sure they got a shuttle back to the bullet train station before the last train to Tokyo later in the evening. That left the stone cold BB fans very happy, and they pressed up against the barrier smiling and singing along as best they could, now that they had their idol all to themselves, and when BB started flailing away at his big red Gibson they whipped their dust mops around, too. "Thank you, Mr. Fuji," BB said. Thank you, BB.

1999.8.1 Reported by Phil

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