FRF '99 Etc . .

New Stage...WINO FRF '99 [1999.8.1 20:18]

Surrounded by screaming young fans this British Rock
influenced band had quite a crowd around them that the
big bands just might feel some up and coming pressure!

Yashinuma the lead singer says he has great influence from The Beatles and other UK Rockers.

The band has been together for 3 years and are dreaming of making it big time, not just in Japan - but

Voc/Gt. Jun Yoshinuma
Gt. Naoyuki Hisanaga
Gt. Shinichi Togawa
Bass Hiroyuki Kawazowe
Drm Masataka Kuronuma

They already have an album out called "Useless Music",
most of the songs are written by Yoshinuma.
Want to check them out? Try On Air East in Tokyo or the Blitz in Akasaka......

1999.8.1 Reported by follini

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