FRF '99 White Stage

Happy Sunday? [1999.8.1 22:04]

There's no other way to put out the White Stage on a Sunday night of a three day festival than with the Happy Mondays. Bez has been spreading his high energy antics all over the festival for the past two days...and NOW everybody gets to see Pez and company in FULL swing with groove-swelled music and insanity. Front man and vocalist Shaun Ryder (looking rather apathetic in a casually fun sort of way) belted out his vocals with the aid of his sassy whip carrying back-up vocalist who's voice filled the evening sky with her gospel like wailing It was a happy Sunday evening with the Happy Mondays for sure and for true.

And...this is the crowd that sang along to (almost) every word.

"Happy Happy HAPPY!"

One thing being heard quite a lot around this festival.

1999.8.1 Reported by Scott

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