FRF '99 Green Stage

Todos Tus Muertos [1999.8.2 00:22]

Todos Tus Muertos was the "TBA" act that everyone was waiting for. Unlike yesterday, todady was quite tame... that is until the suprise Todos gang took the stage. Imagine Rage Against the Machine with a Reggae groove, and you have Todos Tus Muertos.

Since they are relatively unknown in Japan, fans werent sure what to expect off the start. Many people left after ZZ Top, but the ones that stayed got a special treat. The band was amazing. The mosh instantly grew from a few hundred to a few thousand once the wildness got under way.

Without a doubt, Todos Tus Muertos will be a hot ticket next time they roll through Japan.

1999.8.2 Reported by Chris Anderson

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