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The Last Supper!? [1999.8.2 13:07]

This bunch of Cosmos with Gaz in kilt kecks and Joe Strummer in the middle checking out is chest, just didn't wanna' go home. Taking over the Queen Sheba at FRF - mad people conversed drank and joked until the early hours of the morning.
Down to earth people high up in the sky......famous faces attracted like magnets to this one spot.
Could it have been the food or perhaps the charm of the owner Soloman that rounded up this bunch of tornado type people, looking for the height of excitement.

The party was a great ending to a seemingly very successful Festival, here at Naeba, Japan.
We all look forward to the next one....When, Where and
how much? Cheers Joe!

See y'all next year!

1999.8.2 Report and photos by m.a.follin

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