FRF '99 Green Stage

"High"-STANDARD for Tibet [1999.7.30 18:24]

The much anticipated Hi-STANDARD has just completed a full-out, "Hi"-energy show for the crazed fans who waited patiently and quietly for the band to finally take the stage. The quietness didnt last though. At first glance of Hi-STA's guitarist, Yokoyama, the crowd went ballistic. Luckily security was beefed up for Hi-STA's performance as the fans were coming over the fence in waves.

Fans were treated to a special two-song performance from Nawang Khechong, a Tibetan man living in political exile. The Fuji Rockers were first mellowed with a low bassy horn performance from Nawang, followed by a speech accompanied with Japanese translation by Koichi Hanafusa. The speech was aimed at raising awareness of the Tibetan situation. Following the speech was an amazing performance involving both Nawang and Hi-STA's Yokoyama. The high-pitched Tibetan instrument accompanied with the highly distorted Les Paul was quite an experience. Everyone in attendance was in awe of the magic being performed on stage.

Hi-STANDARD's performance was one to experience. The immense heat coming off of the front of the crowd was something that will not be easily forgotten. Rock on baby!

1999.7.30 Reported by Chris Anderson

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